Seek Additional Income with Equities

Despite concerns over rising interest rates, yields on traditional bonds remain low by historical standards making income from fixed income investments hard to come by.

Dividend paying equities still offer an attractive opportunity to diversify your sources of income and generate additional yield.

By partnering with iShares, you can look to domestic and international dividend paying stocks for additional income opportunities with three particular products:

  1. Use CYH to add instant exposure to hundreds of dividend paying companies located throughout the world.
  2. Access some of the largest U.S. dividend paying companies in one trade with XHD.
  3. Potentially earn more and keep more with XDV with tax efficient dividends.

Dividend Paying Equities Offer Attractive Yields

Source: iShares ETFs: BlackRock. Yield on iShares ETFs is the 12-month trailing yield. Canadian Government 10-Year Yield: Bloomberg. All data as of January 15, 2014.

Related iShares Funds Description Trailing Yield MER Category MER*
CYH iShares Global Monthly Dividend Index ETF Dividend paying companies from the U.S., Europe and emerging-markets 3.32% 0.68% 1.27%
XHD iShares U.S. High Dividend Equity Index ETF (CAD-Hedged) High-yielding, dividend-paying, U.S. based securities 2.71% 0.33% 0.92%
XDV iShares Canadian Select Dividend Index ETF High-yielding, dividend-paying, Canadian based securities 3.97% 0.55% 1.01%
Data as of January 15, 2014
*Investor Economics Insight Monthly Update, July 2013. F-series Asset-weighted MER.